Radio Skydive UK
  • Dieter Kirsch, German FS Bigway Load Organiser headline interview
  • His history
  • German bigway records
  • How he chooses a DZ for his events
  • The secrets of an efficient debrief
  • His decision on PoV cameras on world records
  • His favourite book is the Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle
  • ESB - new safety buckle for skydivers
  • Pete Allum discusses the FlySight
  • Dave Green discusses the Indoor Wingsuit tunnel
  • Chris Sears from VISIONAIRi talks about socially responsible kick ass skydives
  • Blue skies and mince pies
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  • Anna Moxnes, Zion FF, headline interview
  • brought to you in association with Indoor, the tunnel in Stockholm that super charges your wingsuit skills and even allows muggles to experience wingsuit flight.
  • brought to you in association with FlySight the GPS unit designed from the ground up for the skydiver.
  • Front Cover photo by Greg Shelton of Andrew Ford flying his wingsuit over Skydive Dubai
  • Back Cover photo by Twinwoods Adventure of a dirty big transformer
  • Brian is back after six months and can't believe he only missed one episode
  • Brian doesn't buy lunch, he's a skydiver.
  • Craig wears appropriate protection finally. But won't open the visor.
  • Indoor WS competition, the 3rd one, happened.
  • BPA Board of Directors elections
  • IPC steps away from the Indoor Skydiving Global Summit
  • 32ft tunnel in Abu Dhabi now operational
  • World Cup in Canopy Piloting in South African is imminent.
  • Tash packs her suncream.
  • Al and Pixie jump Everest
  • Jetman tease a spoiler at the Tianmen Mountain. It's pretty close. About 1000 miles.
  • Bejay gets ignored. Wait, we wish we'd ignored Bejay.
  • Brian learns to wear longer socks in the tunnel. 3rd or 4th time he's learnt this now.
  • Bedford tunnel Twinwoods Adventure is great. But their industrial estate is not. Not operating since 27th July. Ooops.
  • Dirty great transformer required.
  • Basingstoke tunnel was down for a couple of days too. Super quick fix.
  • Brit200
  • Tash looks to learn speed skydiving.
  • Tash gatecrashes a Z list celebrity tandem video
  • We compare AADs in our personal kit.
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  • Al Hodgson headline interview with 
  • brought to you in association with Indoor, the tunnel in Stockholm that super charges your wingsuit skills and even allows muggles to experience wingsuit flight. 
  • brought to you in association with FlySight the GPS unit designed from the ground up for the skydiver. 
  • No Thought for the Podcast (although we all thought long and hard about when to record)
  • No experts (apart from the hosts of course!)
  • No book club (except Craig is letting down the side and has started to read Type T)
  • No back cover photo (we’ve been off air long enough, how come our inbox isn’t overflowing???)
  • Rai talks about what being on a 4-way team makes her a better risk manager at a bank (a risk manager who jumps out of planes???)
  • Tash talks about being is allowed to jump both her canopies in France (is she just not taking enough risks in her canopy choices?)
  • Brexit (we couldn’t help ourselves)
  • WORLD CUP (the important 4FS one we don’t care about WS or CF which happened already, also AE happening during the recording or CP to come)
  • SDC Rythm XP peaked at US Nationals, their domestic competition at the World Cup
  • Rai should go to more Comps Cttee meetings (but spends too much time in windy tubes to make it to Leicester)
  • Craig and Tash tell everything that can be told about mediations and resignations 
  • Tash explains the process the BPA Competitions Committee has for athlete sponsorship (it was better than what was there before and can still be improved, we don’t want to tinker with it too often!)
  • Peterlee has new owners (does everyone know who it is? We don’t say in case they don’t)
  • Craig gives Rai accent training to sound more like she’s from the North (east not west)
  • Knocked out wingsuiter AAD fire video (watch this is you want to get dizzy)
  • Do you want to be part of the 5 year plan that is 'Brit200'? (Brian does)
  • Airproxes at Chatteris and Sibson (hopefully some video is sold to the press so we can all see it!)
  • Skydive London closed forever ( :-( )
  • Bedford offline for months (we couldn’t find the transformers music sorry!)
  • Revenge to be moved, not sure when to
  • Sequential games going for a total break world record AND 121-way jewel (and post recording got the record and built the jewel while I’m writing the show notes)
  • Jenn Davidson’s husband Matt has a podcast - “talk with high performers to learn more about the habits and rituals which have empowered them to consistently achieve victory in their champion’s journey”
  • danish podcast (talk about us but we don’t know whether it’s good or bad)
  • Another bigway we aren’t taking part in (because we aren’t Australian enough)
  • Project 19 (to happen in 2020, Rai explains why it’s called 19 anyway)
  • UK nationals (we treat them all equally this time)
  • Life as a Pro- bunch of cool skydiving pros talking about their lives as skydivers at Tora tora (only cool freeflyers got to know about it in advance, the rest heard about it when they saw the fb posts)
  • Front cover of Ollie Ellis and Ben Reed-Smith by Jakub Aungiers
  • Tash learnt how to read FlySight data from Speed competitors (but hasn’t actually flown it yet)
  • Despite not flying her FlySight, Tash has the dubious honour of showing up as the slowest ever Speed skydiver on the paralog database
  • Craig’s logging example is finally being followed by Tash (but more because she now has a German parachutist license)
  • Rai goes to the boogieman party (Fabian may be the best party organiser around)
  • Judging is never easy (but easier than going to Comps meetings apparently)
  • Our mentors sent in some advice (which wasn’t taken after all)
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• Peter Georen, the brains behind the indoor wingsuit tunnel headline interview.
• Tom Noonen Thought for the Podcast
• Steve Lefkowitz Ask The Expert about RookieFest
• Brian announces RookieRumble at Langar in September
• Front Cover by Martin Skrbel of Jordan Simcoe's 1000th skydive.
• Back Cover by Catherine Brown of Sonia Holland and Morgan Holland (no relation) wearing the same SunPath event tshirt from Brian's recent BigWay Camp.
• Brian admits to wearing women's clothing in the tunnel
• World Challenge tunnel competition summary
• WISC summary and discussion over the Prince of Wales Cup and the Queens Cup.
• RedlandsDZ is closing. Boo.
• Crazy landing video 1.
• Crazy landing video 2.
• Lodi puts its prices up. wtf?
• Don Kellner does his 45,000th skydive.
• Dmitry Verkhoturov and Bejay Cutmore listener feedback
• Langar Boogie 1 is a raving success with 3200 jumps in 5 days and 1000 jumps on the Saturday alone.
• Brian still loves his VOG audible altimeter
• Brian claims that France doesn't have any dropzones with two turbine aircraft. Is this true? Do you know differently?
• Craig jumps
• Craig shouts out to Ian and Joe.
• Thanks to Indoor Wingsuit and Flysight for helping make this show.

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• John LeBlanc, VP of Performance Designs headline interview
• Dave Curtin School of Hard Knocks
• Ask The Expert How Best to Store a Rig with Tom Parker SunPath Chief Engineer and Mark Procos UPT General Manager
• Front Cover by Mike Taivalmaa of Jeff Sans jumping naked for 211 months in a row. This one at -3degC.
• Back Cover collage of 1) a selfie by Stefan Patel, naked wearing Brian's wang sute. And 2) a selfie Richard Donaldson naked wearing Marek Dhlos's rig, with lube and a ransom note.
• Brian spends vast amounts on tunnel at the Expo and goes for a stroll with Nigel Rowlan to the car park.
• Brian thinks the Expo should be two days as it's just so busy.
• Craig gets busy thinking of reasons why we shouldn't. He doesn't like change.
• Tash buys a Pebble. It's brilliant.
• Craig made a jump.
• IPC is explained and Tash and Craig explain what happens and why they had to leave before they turned into a pumpkin.
• IPC changes rules for Speed skydiving, 4wayFS and Bigway sequential world records.
• Some dude jumps out of a plane with a Vespa and spends the entire freefall upside down. Video in comments.
• We share some podcast love. Skydive Radio, Gravity Labs, Jump26, Choices, Trust The Journey and the Lunatic Fringe
• Cookie bring out their G4 crash tested helmet.
• Twinwoods closed but re-opened after an epic mission to Germany by Roy
• Jetman can hover. How long until they can take off? Video in comments.
• Tilstock Rainbow Boogie 23-27th May with Alex Busby Hicks
• Skydive Maldives will charge you USD699 for a tandem. The world's most expensive?

RSUK is proud to be supported by Fly Wingsuit, the world's only wingsuit tunnel, super charging your wingsuit skills and even allowing muggles to taste wingsuit flight and FlySight, the skydiver's GPS unit.

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Brian and Craig experiment with a portable recorder and set up studio in the foyer of the Expo hotel with... errr.... results.

  • Brian leaves Craig hanging
  • Craig has highlights from the Expo
  • Craig is a grumpy old man and has lowlights
  • Brian has highlights from the Expo
  • Brian acts like Craig and has lowlights
  • Pixie delivers Brian a Dbag midway through the recording - "that's what that's about".
  • Joel gesticulates and communicates via sign language from afar
  • Tash is too comfy in her hotel
  • Rai gets bored waiting and leaves 3hrs before recording starts. That's how she fits all that life into 168hrs per week.
  • Front Cover - we forgot. Sorry. Not Sorry.
  • Back Cover - us recording. Photo by Ahmad Ismail

Thanks for listening. 

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  • Dean Fisher XL Interview
  • Likely to be the only person in the world to have been an instructor for 50 consecutive years. 
  • Why does he still jump?
  • How does he land his Fury 220 in the circle on every jump even in high winds?
  • Listener questions
  • Thanks to Paul Rimmington for the help editing
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  • Annette O’Neil and Joel Strickland Headline Interview
  • Steve Lefkowitz Ask The Expert: 4way coaching online. The Rhythm 401 app.
  • Front cover by John Gillet of Ollie Ellis and Matt Leonard doing some XRW.
  • Back cover of the hirsute Martin Soulsby
  • Rai hurts her elbow.
  • Carlos hurts her shoulder
  • Brian hurts his ego
  • This podcast is recorded completely virtually.
  • Bodyflight purchase confirmed
  • 25way diamond CF jump
  • Ski-jumpers train in the WS tunnel
  • Phil Wayper got his PR rating
  • Flying Frenchies Video is pretty insane
  • Tandem BASE numbers
  • BPA Skydive the Expo gets closer
  • FS competition live judging
  • Skydiving helmets discussed including the crash test rating
  • Joe SkydiveX
  • audible altimeter gets tested by Brian
  • Brian’s bigway camp is 95% full.
  • gets introduced to the podcast
  • Craig’s TI currency slips but bought another alti as retail therapy.
  • Group trip to IPC. Woo. Fun.
  • Tash asks for tips about competing at a World Cup. Disses Brian and Rai in at the same time. #burn
  • Rai got her judges AE rating but agrees to compete at WindGames. Pretty sure she’ll win if she’s competing and judging.
  • Yes, this is the longest episode we’ve ever done. Yes the best bit is in the last ten minutes. You won’t believe what we talked about.
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