Radio Skydive UK
  • Richard Webb, TopGun BASE, Headline Interview
  • Front Cover by Ming Chu of a 25way Canopy Formation jump descending into the clouds over Nationaal Paracentrum Teuge
  • Back Cover photos by Freefly teams Omni taking the piss out of Xerxes
  • Answers from Drunk Skydivers - Would You Rather
  • Answers from Drunk Skydivers - Chest Straps
  • We toast the legends Scotty Carbone and Pat Works
  • More competitions that you can shake a stick at… World Champs, Mondial, Wingsuit Worlds, Indoor Worlds.
  • French Ladies 4wayFS Round 10 catastrophe
  • French 2wayCF Open Gold won by Women’s team. First time ever?
  • Craig went to Skydive Chicago as Team Manager for the GB delegation.
  • Tash went to Skydive Chicago as a CF judge
  • Brian didn’t even get a postcard.
  • What does a Team Manager do at the World Championships?
  • Craig borrowed a Valkyrie and didn’t bust the beer line.
  • Tash’s third time lucky at SDC. Finally gets to jump after two previous visits.
  • Craig, Tash and Dave and Stump from Skydive Radio made a jump. Craig had a brain mal.
  • Tash does three jumps from three different planes. Nice.
  • Brian’s Vigil AAD replaced in 43hrs after a cutter error.
  • Craig thinks Brian should have replaced the cutter and ignored the manufacturer’s request.
  • Brian’s water jump made him wet. Thanks to Skydive Headcorn.
  • Tash judged 19 MFS teams at the US Nationals. Why does the UK have zero teams in this discipline?
  • Tash judges the most important competition in skydiving.
  • Brian popped in to say hi at Skydive Algarve and was gifted a jump ticket by someone he’d never met before. Cheer Ronny. 29way multi-plane fantastic on borrowed kit.
  • Craig warns against borrowing kit... Borrowed kit kills.
  • Craig, Tash and Brian borrow kit and don't die.
  • Tash absolutely nails some 4way VFS whilst holding two of Omni and her coach stable. Legend.
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