Radio Skydive UK
  • Richard Webb, TopGun BASE, Headline Interview
  • Front Cover by Ming Chu of a 25way Canopy Formation jump descending into the clouds over Nationaal Paracentrum Teuge
  • Back Cover photos by Freefly teams Omni taking the piss out of Xerxes
  • Answers from Drunk Skydivers - Would You Rather
  • Answers from Drunk Skydivers - Chest Straps
  • We toast the legends Scotty Carbone and Pat Works
  • More competitions that you can shake a stick at… World Champs, Mondial, Wingsuit Worlds, Indoor Worlds.
  • French Ladies 4wayFS Round 10 catastrophe
  • French 2wayCF Open Gold won by Women’s team. First time ever?
  • Craig went to Skydive Chicago as Team Manager for the GB delegation.
  • Tash went to Skydive Chicago as a CF judge
  • Brian didn’t even get a postcard.
  • What does a Team Manager do at the World Championships?
  • Craig borrowed a Valkyrie and didn’t bust the beer line.
  • Tash’s third time lucky at SDC. Finally gets to jump after two previous visits.
  • Craig, Tash and Dave and Stump from Skydive Radio made a jump. Craig had a brain mal.
  • Tash does three jumps from three different planes. Nice.
  • Brian’s Vigil AAD replaced in 43hrs after a cutter error.
  • Craig thinks Brian should have replaced the cutter and ignored the manufacturer’s request.
  • Brian’s water jump made him wet. Thanks to Skydive Headcorn.
  • Tash judged 19 MFS teams at the US Nationals. Why does the UK have zero teams in this discipline?
  • Tash judges the most important competition in skydiving.
  • Brian popped in to say hi at Skydive Algarve and was gifted a jump ticket by someone he’d never met before. Cheer Ronny. 29way multi-plane fantastic on borrowed kit.
  • Craig warns against borrowing kit... Borrowed kit kills.
  • Craig, Tash and Brian borrow kit and don't die.
  • Tash absolutely nails some 4way VFS whilst holding two of Omni and her coach stable. Legend.
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  • Luke Aikins Headline Interview continued. The jump. 
  • Front Cover by Mark Davis, Getty Images for Stride Gum
  • Why he did a dummy pull in freefall.
  • How he felt when he landed.
  • What he'd do if he was King of Skydiving
  • We introduce Vertical Suits as our latest show sponsor.
  • His video footage is here.
  • We love all listener interaction. Email, message us on fb or record some audio on your phone and send it to us at
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  • Luke Aikins Headline Interview. The man without a parachute.
  • Luke Aikins Part 2 on Ep37.
  • Brian Vacher Ask the Expert. Two Stage Flare.
  • Front Cover by Jakob Aungiers of a 360 deg 40way Headdown formation over Skydive Hibaldstow. 15 seconds later he chopped. Video coming soon.
  • Back Cover by Lucy Smith-Wildey of the REME at the Armed Forces Parachute
  • Championships over Skydive Netheravon.
  • UK Nationals informal review.
  • Lodi Tandem fatality. “Under pressure you don’t rise to the occasion. You default to your level of training.”
  • Brian has Mal #4 and a dodgy Vigil cutter. Unrelated. Thank dog.
  • Craig went jumping at the Nationals and performed to his usual standards.
  • Craig visited a DZ, hired a rig, bust the beer line and was grounded forever from the country.
  • Tash judged the first weekend of FS Nationals. Fun fun fun. On a DZ. In a room without windows.
  • Tash and Craig prep for the Mondial (World Championships) in Skydive Chicago.
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  • Brian Vacher, Canopy Pilot, PD Factory Team Member and Flight-1 coach Headline Interview
  • James La Barrie Thought for the Podcast
  • John Le Blanc Ask The Expert - how long should control lines be.
  • Answers from Drunk Skydivers - Would You Rather…
  • Janina’s Point Break Movie Knowledge
  • Front Cover by Pete Lindstrand. Mary Barratt docks on our own Carlos Crow over Skydive Headcorn.
  • Back Cover by Doc John Carter and Martin Hopkins of Stefan Pacel (cow) and Kat Insall (tiger) helping Lorene Latour (leopard) celebrate her 1001st skydive over Skydive Langar.
  • Luke Aikens 35,000ft jump - he survives!
  • Copenhagen swoop festival should be expanded to other cities
  • King Air stall in Byron
  • You’ll never be as cool as Brian Vacher’s mum. (Janina - we need you). 
  • Brian demonstrates wing suits at the Science Museum in London, with Sam, Jose and Kamal.
  • Craig heads to 4way Nationals
  • Tash travels around the UK with her CF buddies and nails her FF2 (but doesn’t have to do a 4pt 4way to prove she’s safe in the sky).
  • We love your photos, your audio recordings and your messages. Send them to

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  • James La Barrie headline interview. The expert discusses how DZs can be the best they can be.
  • John Le Blanc’s Ask The Expert covers how to recover from stalled canopies, intentionally and unintentionally.
  • We ran out of people with the initials JLB so we called in Dan BC. Hope you don't mind.
  • Dan BC Thought for the Podcast
  • Sarah Neale guest hosts the show.
  • Front Cover photo by Ged Parker. Showing Jamie Arnold on his 1000th jump surfing Adam Mattacola. Photo submitted by Kate Arnold.
  • Back Cover photo of Craig and his daughter SmallPox.
  • Craig tries to convince everyone that the back cover photo, he submitted, of himself and his daughter, is very amazing. Sometimes it’s easier just to agree.
  • Brian gets all passive aggressive with the show notes. 
  • Brian broke the goat and got on the wrong plane. As did his AFF student. As did…
  • Craig is current again.
  • Sarah talks about upsizing after a two year hiatus.
  • Rai thinks more should be done for new skydivers.
  • Joel is in Burgundy drinking Burgundy.
  • Chatteris buys a balloon. And stocks up on off-landing report forms.
  • Luke Aikens plans to jump without a rig. Or a wingsuit. Or a cardboard box.
  • Phil Wayper success with his homemade parachute.
  • Brian applied for a job but got turned down. Back to living the dream.
  • Tash compares USPA CF Competition weather with BPA CF Competition weather.
  • Rai thinks you should do a canopy course.
  • Sarah pours more wine. 
  • Rai, Tash, Sarah and Craig talk about other stuff but Brian can't remember what they said. 

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  • Norman Kent Headline Interview - the world’s most famous skydiving cameraflyer talks to us about his life and career. 
  • Mike Carpenter School of Hard Knocks (aircraft emergencies)
  • Answers from Drunk Skydivers reveals that they don’t know about jerking off. <sad face>
  • Front Cover by Ming Chu. Self portrait over Skydive NorthWest (Cark) of him and his Velocity 84.
  • Back Cover by Craig Hicks of an 8way FS exit over Skydive Hibaldstow. We think it flew. Maybe.
  • Rai Ahmed: shiny new guest host in the studio.
  • Rai thinks you should do a canopy course.
  • Sarah Neale downloads our favourite 32 downloads. Yummy.
  • Lodi Cessna Caravan crash.
  • Fresh air for sale - good luck Jakob.
  • Brian has a Burning Man ticket and wants to partake in Burning Sky. But… money… and time… 
  • Joel is too tired to turn up.
  • Craig celebrates being a new father (Hello Agnes!) and how with so little sleep he feels like death. He’s never been so tired.
  • Craig still turns up.
  • Tash is off galavanting around the world (USPA CF Nationals), looking down her nose and judging people.
  • Rai talks about her near death experience/ brush with a dust devil in March and how she thinks you should do a canopy course.
  • Brian is actually booked onto a canopy course.
  • Tipsy rigging sweepstake. Brian, immediately after the last episode, with a little help from Tash, put a new set of risers onto his kit. When he did a line check at the DZ, how many mistakes were there? 0, 1-2, 3 or more?
  • Rai still thinks you should do a canopy course.

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  • John Kallend headline interview, skydiver and Physics professor dispels the “45 degree myth” and talks about exit order
  • Mikey Carpenter Thought for the Podcast. He’s inimitable
  • Norman Kent School of Hard Knocks
  • Front Cover by Chris Cook taken by the impressive Ricoh Theta 360deg camera
  • Back Cover 1 by Brad Patterson of the most scared tandem in the world
  • Back Cover 2 by Ally Milne also using the Ricoh Theta this time for a swoop landing and
  • Back Cover 3 is Core Skydiving’s Mike McNulty teaching someone to track in the tunnel.
  • Which is your favourite? We couldn’t decide. So we used all of them.
  • There is no banter.
  • What's better...doing more jumps but paying for them? Or less jumps but getting paid for them?
  • French Parachute Federation introduces draconian canopy size / wing loading regulations - are they giving the BPA ideas?
  • Airtec relaxes the servicing requirements for new Cypreses (Cyprii?)
  • BPA relaxes medical certificate requirements for tandem students
  • Why "Nobody Should Skydive"...thought piece video and how it was received by certain sections of the membership
  • Brian and Jack expand their empire with purchase of the steaming cess pool that is and Craig doesn't give a fuck.
  • Return of the strikes back
  • We're British so of course we discuss the weather
  • Lots of listener questions from Markus, anonymous asks about wind tunnel competitions, Matt Kite asks about equipment lifing (Craig almost mentions the war but thinks he gets away with it), Papa G, James Moseley, Jeremy asks about stuff, Matt Brown asks about incident tracking and reporting
  • Brian has been to California again and has his FF1. Only took 13 years!
  • Bigway Beginners X (internationally renowned) was a big success. No thanks to wildly incorrect weather forecast
  • Craig increases his wing loading again and ponders wing loadings > 3
  • Tash appreciates the difference between tunnel and sky flying. She flies the flag. For something. Probably Brexit. ;-)
  • Tash is touching cloth again, owes beer for a first and is judging the weekend's UKSL

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• Dan Brodsky-Chenfeld headline interview and pure gold comes from his mouth. His book Above All Else is available from all good book shops (and some shitty ones too).
• Matt Zwicker's School of Hard Knocks
• Front cover by Linzi Johnston of an FF jump taken over Skydive Algarve
• Back photo is Rai Ahmed's shadow carving around the Bedford tunnel
AGM Expo - Rob Lloyd rocks it. Brian snubs the meal yet again. Late nights all round
• Craig reminisces about the skydiving gig he's been dining on for the last 10 years
• UKS died...but was resuscitated
• Windoor Windgames freestyle to music broke the internet
• Chatteris offers massive 4wayFS cash prize
• Brian can't drink the Kool-Aid because he doesn't know what it means
• Brian might have won medals if he was competing against Airspeed back in the day
• Brian shamelessly plugs his Bigway Beginners camp. Skydive Langar, 16/17th April
• Craig is current again and his magical logbook proves that his recent layoff is not his longest
• Craig thought he was a little bit over tunnel, but then splurged on a load more time at the Expo
• Craig can't break the habit of a lifetime and calls the Expo the AGM
• The World Challenge approaches
• Brian and Craig are going to the States this year but not the same place or at the same time
• Craig encodes 1.1TBs of old skydiving DV tapes...which will only take 4.5 months to backup online
• Jonathan Charles sporting wingsuit hybrid reserve deployment

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  • Patrick Passe Feature Length Interview
  • Recorded via Skype between France and California, USA.
  • Brian and Patrick geek out on bigway
  • Patrick reveals his successes
  • Patrick reveals even more he meant to
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